Executive Team

Kim Olson

Executive Director

Kim Olson has been the Executive Director of Cornerstones since 1994.  Previous to that she spent time as an Instructor and Education Coordinator of the organization.  Kim is President of the South Dakota Association for Lifelong Learning and Professional Development Chair for the National Commission on Adult Basic Education.  She is a certified teacher and is also a Certified Manager in Program Improvement.  Kim also coordinates the professional development of adult education instructors for the state of South Dakota and most recently she has taken on the responsibility of coordinating the development and implementation of South Dakota’s distance learning program for adult basic education.


Becki Lemke

Education Coordinator

Becki Lemke has been the Education Coordinator for Cornerstones since 1999. She is a nationally certified trainer, a certified teacher, and a member of South Dakota’s professional development team. Becki serves as Past President of the South Dakota Association for Lifelong Learning and has been a member of the STAR National Project Team since 2007. She developed South Dakota’s Adult Education Instructor Development Program and is the author of numerous local, regional, and national training programs. Becki is a Certified Manager in Program Improvement and serves as the data management specialist for Cornerstones.


Huron team Members

Carla Newbauer

Employment Specialist/Job Developer





Susan Coughlin-Schmidt

Adult Education Instructor



Adult Education Instructor


Andrew Cina

Distance Education/ Adult Education Instructor/ Job Developer


Duane Laufmann

Adult Education Instructor











Aberdeen Team Members

Jennifer Wagemann

Program Coordinator


Comfort Hauck

Adult Education Instructor



Becky Backous

Adult Education Instructor


Jennifer Ell

Adult Education Instructor


Mitchell Team Members

Karen Tollefson

Adult Education Instructor


Brenda Blumenberg 

Business and Industry Training Coordinator /Employment Specialist/

Adult Education Instructor


Vermillion Team Member

Melissa Tabke-Wonnenberg

Adult Education Instructor



Yankton Team Members

Nakita Maddox

Program Coordinator


Debi Skokan

Adult Education Instructor


Starlyn Williams

Adult Education Instructor


Pam  Kallis

Adult Education Instructor