Our Statewide Distance program is sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation and studying is offered at no cost to qualifying applicants.  




Have questions about Distance?

Email andrew.cina@cornerstonescareer.com














How do I enroll?

  • To enroll, students will set up an appointment to do paperwork at the nearest adult education center.


  • GED Students will complete an assessment called the TABE to assess their current levels in Reading, Language & Math. Students who enroll in English classes will take a pretest called the Best Plus.


  • Once the TABE is done, the teacher sends a “Referral to Distance Ed.”

Can I do Distance + classes?

  • Students enrolled through Cornerstones can study in Distance Ed and also do Zoom classes with a live instructor!


  • Our Distance students who combine Distance Ed and Zoom classes have shown some of the best learning outcomes overall. Ask your teacher to learn more about our learning options!
How much does it cost to test?


  • Studying is free for adults who live in SD.


  • When ready to test, each GED® subtest currently costs $37.50. For 4 subtests this = $150 (*Beginning July 1, the price per subtest will increase to $50.00. The total cost will be $200 for the full GED credential).


  • Test registration is completed at www.ged.com. Students may take up to 1 or 2 tests on a scheduled test date.




take quizzes


  • Once a referral for Distance has been received, new students receive an email asking them to take 2 online quizzes on the Northstar Digital Literacy website.
  • Pass the quizzes with an 85% or higher score to receive a GED Academy study account. Retakes are allowed.




access GED Academy



  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox


  • Bookmark the login page



  • After 12 days without use, study accounts go inactive and must be reactivated.


track your progress


  • Keep track of your study goals with our FREE monthly tracking + statewide study challenges!