South Dakota’s Online Distance GED® Program


For GED®/Adult Basic Education

Our Distance GED® program is sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation and studying is offered at no cost to qualifying applicants.  


Have questions about the Distance GED® Study Program?

Contact our distance coordinator Andrew Cina directly at or call 605-353-7175





Current Students


































Digital literacy

You will use GED Academy to study and

Northstar Digital Literacy to gain valuable

digital skills needed for success in today’s

fast-paced and every-changing world!

Study at home

. . . or the library, or a coffee shop, or the

Department of Labor—anywhere you can access the

Internet with your computer. Your work will travel

with you from computer to computer.

Learning Community

Celebrate your victories together as

you study for your GED® —

Your teachers are just an email away!